Accidents happen. Be prepared & proactive.

Contact law enforcement immediately

If you are unsure of jurisdiction, simply call 911.  Report any serious injuries so that EMS personnel can be dispatched to assist.  Do not move an injured person, but make them comfortable and do what you can to ensure oncoming traffic is aware of the accident.

Gather information

Talk with witnesses and get their names and addresses.  If possible, obtain statements from eye witnesses as to what they saw.  Or better yet, use the ROSEMOND SMARTPHONE APP to take photos, video & notes! (Download buttons at top of page)

Remain at the scene

Unless you are injured and must be removed from the scene, remain there until you have notified law enforcement, assisted the injured, moved your vehicle if necessary, identified the other driver and completed your information gathering.

Commenting on the accident

South Carolina law requires you to assist the officer investigating the accident by providing some basic information.  This will include your name, address, registration & insurance information.  You will be asked to describe what happened and answer some questions.  DO NOT ADMIT FAULT or sign anything.

Notify your insurance company

This report should be made promptly.  Failure to do so could affect your rights.  You have a duty to cooperate with your insurance company, but as with law enforcement, you are under no obligation to admit fault, give statements, or sign anything.  It is best to consult an attorney.

Pay nothing

Do not make a promise or immediate payment to another party.  You should never be hurried into a settlement and no one can force you into making a payment without legal proceedings.  Keep records of all expenses associated with the accident, including medical bills, vehicle repairs, time lost from work & any other expenses.