Keep Delane At Your Fingertips

The Rosemond Law Firm has a FREE APP to ensure you have access to valuable resources should a legal situation arise.  The app is available for download NOW and whether you are a client or not, you should have this app on your phone!

The app includes valuable tools such as:

Lawyer Cam: Take photos/video at the scene of an accident and send them securely to The Rosemond Law Firm.

Blood Alcohol Test: Mini-app to check your estimated blood alcohol level. If in doubt, hand someone your keys!

Notepad: A secure place to keep all your observations about an accident or ongoing legal situation.

Pulled over by police:  The Rosemond app contains an easy to read reference guide to keep you calm and in compliance with the law

Reference guides: Key info on what to do if your are arrested, in an accident, or preparing to file for divorce. 

Click to Call: The FASTEST access to Delane Rosemond!